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  • How does your team take marketing aspects and target groups into account when designing?
    Economic factors and marketing aspects are crucial to the development of advertising content. Therefore, we place great importance on considering target audiences and marketing goals in the conception. Our approach ensures that projects are both creative and commercially successful. Our approach includes: Target audience analysis We analyze the target audience to develop an appealing story. Marketing goals: Identification and incorporation of your specific goals into the concept and script. Branded content: Integration of brand image and brand message into the plot. Platform analysis Adaptation of concepts for various marketing channels and formats. Contact us for a consultation to learn more about our approach to marketing and target audience aspects in script development.
  • Why are the first 15 seconds of a video so crucial?
    In today's fast-paced media landscape, where viewers' attention spans are continually shrinking and a vast array of content is available, the first few seconds of a video are of great importance. With paid advertising, such as skippable video ads, the opening sequence is even more crucial. In the initial seconds, users decide whether they want to skip the ad or continue watching. To prevent users from skipping the ad, the first 15 seconds should be designed to be particularly engaging and relevant, capturing attention and motivating the target audience to view the entire message. An captivating beginning increases the likelihood that the target audience will watch and share the video. Therefore, it is important to carefully plan and design the opening.
  • Do you also offer drone footage?
    Yes, we also offer drone footage as part of our services. Drones allow us to capture stunning aerial photos and breathtaking perspectives that would not be possible with traditional cameras. Our experienced drone pilots have the necessary knowledge and licenses to carry out high-quality and safe drone footage. Drone footage can add a unique and captivating look to your project, which is particularly useful for corporate films, real estate presentations, event documentaries, landscape and architectural photography, and when creating promotional and marketing materials. Contact us to learn more about our drone footage and the possibilities for your project. We are happy to advise and develop a plan together to achieve the best results.
  • How much does a video production cost?
    The question of the cost of a film production is, of course, exciting. However, it is difficult to provide a general answer, as the costs depend on numerous variable factors. Each production is unique and has different requirements, which are reflected in the overall costs. Some of these variable factors include: screenplay, concept, scripts, voice actors, shooting locations, actors, crew, costumes, makeup artists, set designers, post-production, sound design, and music. Often, cost-effective solutions can be found for complex challenges. In the end, it is crucial that concrete goals can be achieved through the production. Thanks to our extensive production experience, we are able to quickly provide a binding cost estimate and complete the project promptly. We look forward to being contacted for a consultation!
  • Do you also offer photo services?
    Yes, in addition to film production, we also offer professional photography services. Our team of photographers can realize a variety of projects, such as portrait shots, product photography, event photography, architectural photography, as well as creating marketing and advertising materials. Aerial shots can also be captured using a drone. Just as with our film productions, we place importance on considering the brand message and marketing goals in our photography and achieving the best results for the projects. We look forward to a consultation!
  • Do you also film interviews / testimonials and are different perspectives and cuts possible?
    Yes, we offer interview/testimonial production services. With multiple cameras, we can capture different perspectives and cuts simultaneously, making the interviews dynamic and engaging. This way, any stumbles or cuts can be seamlessly concealed. Our team also ensures proper lighting and sound recording to optimize the quality of the interviews. Of course, we also take important marketing aspects into account when producing interviews, ensuring that the final material is both informative and appealing to your target audience. We edit all content with audience engagement in mind, so that marketing goals can be achieved as efficiently as possible. We look forward to being contacted and having a consultation to find suitable solutions together.
  • What equipment is available for a film production and can special requirements be met?
    We have an extensive range of professional equipment that can be used for various film productions. This includes cameras, drones, lighting technology, sound and recording equipment, director's monitors, as well as a wide variety of tools that support and facilitate the creative process. Our equipment covers a broad spectrum of needs, but we are aware that some projects have special requirements that go beyond our existing offerings. In such cases, we rent specialized equipment.

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